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   Special issue on model-based optimal control theory and technology in automotive control

Editorial--T. Shen
[Abstract](11) PDF(52.84 K)(8)


Cylinder pressure based combustion phase optimization and control in spark-ignited engines--Y. Zhang and T. Shen
[Abstract](12) PDF(732.71 K)(12)


Experimental investigation of control updating period monitoring in industrial PLC-based fast MPC: Application to the constrained control of a cryogenic refrigerator--F. Bonne, M. Alamir and P. Bonnay
[Abstract](9) PDF(999.54 K)(8)


Two-degree-of-freedom H-infinity control of combustion in diesel engine using a discrete dynamics model--M. Hirata, S. Ishizuki and M. Suzuki
[Abstract](8) PDF(531.72 K)(7)


Optimal heat release shaping in a reactivity controlled compression ignition (RCCI) engine--C. Guardiola, B. Pla, A. Garc\'{i}a and V. Boronat
[Abstract](11) PDF(602.48 K)(10)


Online calibration of combustion phase in a diesel engine--Q. Tan, P. Divekar, Y. Tan, X. Chen and M. Zheng
[Abstract](12) PDF(495.35 K)(8)


MPC-based torque control of permanent magnet synchronous motor for electric vehicles via switching optimization--B. Ren, H. Chen, H. Zhao and W. Xu
[Abstract](11) PDF(481.14 K)(16)


Comparison of generalized engine control and MPC based on maximum principle--A. Ohata
[Abstract](12) PDF(448.09 K)(10)


Towards to dynamic optimal control for large-scale distributed systems--S. Li
[Abstract](9) PDF(86.81 K)(11)

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