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   Regular paper

Variable selection in identification of a high dimensional nonlinear non-parametric system--E.W. Bai, W. Zhao and W. Zheng
[Abstract](240) PDF(599.81 K)(219)


Model predictive control for hybrid vehicle ecological driving using traffic signal and road slope information--K. Yu, J. Yang and D. Yamaguchi
[Abstract](179) PDF(1.21 M)(214)


Identification of integrating and critically damped systems with time delay--Bajarangbali and S. Majhi
[Abstract](141) PDF(552.55 K)(153)


Immersion and invariance adaptive control of a class of continuous stirred tank reactors--G. Hong, X. Liu and H. Su
[Abstract](183) PDF(456.68 K)(167)

   Special issue

Editorial: Special issue on learning and control in cooperative multi agent systems--F. L. Lewis, Z. P. Jiang and T. Liu
[Abstract](186) PDF(52.98 K)(175)


Pinning synchronization of networked multi-agent systems: spectral analysis--L. Xiang, F. Chen and G. Chen
[Abstract](177) PDF(1021.87 K)(176)


Discrete-time dynamic graphical games: model-free reinforcement learning solution--M. I. Abouheaf, F. L. Lewis, M. S. Mahmoud and D. G. Mikulski
[Abstract](161) PDF(600.34 K)(139)


Topology-preserving flocking of nonlinear agents using optimistic planning--L. Busoniu and I. C. Morarescu
[Abstract](157) PDF(597.96 K)(152)


Circle formation control for multi-agent systems with a leader--L. Zhao and D. Ma
[Abstract](191) PDF(367.51 K)(180)

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