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   Special issue on disturbance rejection: a snapshot, a necessity, and a beginning

Editorial--Z. Gao
[Abstract](124) PDF(54.13 K)(171)


Extended state observer for uncertain lower triangular nonlinear systems subject to stochastic disturbance--Z. Wu and B. Guo
[Abstract](132) PDF(330.45 K)(162)


Sampled-data extended state observer for uncertain nonlinear systems--C. Tian, P. Yan and Z. Zhang
[Abstract](111) PDF(703.64 K)(161)


On ADRC for non-minimum phase systems: canonical form selection and stability conditions--W. Xue, Y. Huang and Z. Gao
[Abstract](90) PDF(599.83 K)(145)


Control of systems with sector-bounded nonlinearities: robust stability and command effort minimization by disturbance rejection--C. Novara, E. Canuto and D. Carlucci
[Abstract](101) PDF(881.00 K)(111)


Robust flat filtering DSP based control of the boost converter--H. Sira Ramˇrez, A. Hernandez MEndez, J. Linares Flores and A. Luviano Juarez
[Abstract](92) PDF(1.01 M)(197)


Yet another tutorial of disturbance observer: robust stabilization and recovery of nominal performance--H. Shim, G. Park, Y. Joo, J. Back and N. H. Jo
[Abstract](94) PDF(353.61 K)(120)


Active disturbance rejection control: between the formulation in time and the understanding in frequency--Q. Zheng and Z. Gao
[Abstract](131) PDF(646.13 K)(196)


Call for papers--CCC 2017
[Abstract](121) PDF(42.30 K)(86)

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