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   Special issue on modeling and control technologies for civil, energy, and power systems

Editorial--T. Shen, K. Z. Liu and S. Kanae
[Abstract](92) PDF(53.34 K)(72)


Distributed dynamic pricing based on demand-supply balance and voltage phase difference in power grid--Y. Okawa and T. Namerikawa
[Abstract](82) PDF(702.21 K)(61)


Decentralized load frequency control for two-area interconnected power system--W. Wang and H. Ohmori
[Abstract](80) PDF(1.31 M)(75)


Increasing the operating area of shunt active filters by advanced nonlinear control--A. Tilli and C. Conficoni
[Abstract](74) PDF(2.15 M)(66)


Simple adaptive air-fuel ratio control of a port injection SI engine with a cylinder pressure sensor--C. Khajorntraidet and K. Ito
[Abstract](81) PDF(1.20 M)(56)


Estimation and feedback control of air-fuel ratio for gasoline engines--M. Kumar and T. Shen
[Abstract](71) PDF(1.06 M)(56)


Gain-scheduling control of a floating offshore wind turbine above rated wind speed--O. Bagherieh and R. Nagamune
[Abstract](69) PDF(1.77 M)(56)


New adaptive vector control methods for induction motors with simpler structure and better performance--K. Z. Liu, M. Yokoo, K. Kondo and T. Zanma
[Abstract](78) PDF(1.36 M)(65)


Analysis and modeling of hysteresis of piezoelectric micro-actuator used in high precision dual-stage servo system--M. A. Rahman, A. Al Mamun and K. Yao
[Abstract](72) PDF(4.05 M)(58)


Ethernet based time synchronization for Raspberry Pi network improving network model verification for distributed active turbulent flow control--M. Dueck, M. Schloesser, S. van Waasen and M. Schiek
[Abstract](71) PDF(620.43 K)(72)

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