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   Special issue on control of complex systems

Editorial--H. Lin, C. Xiang and Q. Ling
[Abstract](32) PDF(58.39 K)(37)


Energy-efficient control of nanosatellites during distributed region formation flying--R. Haghighi and C. K. Pang
[Abstract](30) PDF(1.34 M)(44)


Leader-following consensus for uncertain second-order nonlinear multi-agent systems--W. Liu and J. Huang
[Abstract](44) PDF(487.22 K)(43)


Optimal decentralized control of large scale systems--X. Q. Shi, D. E. Davison, R. Kwong and E. J. Davison
[Abstract](38) PDF(5.41 M)(39)


Performance analysis of a distributed power control algorithm for shared and split spectrum femtocell networks--K. Senel and M. Akar
[Abstract](21) PDF(802.31 K)(28)


Adaptive control of a class of nonlinear time-varying systems with multiple models--K. George and K. Subramanian
[Abstract](35) PDF(789.34 K)(26)


A novel gain design method to improve the consensus performance of output-feedback multi-agent systems--W. Zheng, Q. Ling and H. Lin
[Abstract](32) PDF(540.25 K)(31)


Frequency-domain stability criteria for SISO and MIMO nonlinear feedback systems with constant and variable time-delays--Y. V. Venkatesh
[Abstract](16) PDF(304.05 K)(21)


Conical tank level control using fractional order PID controllers: a simulated and experimental study--C. J\'auregui, M. A. Duarte-Mermoud, R. Or\'ostica, J. C. Travieso-Torres and O. Beyt\'ia
[Abstract](21) PDF(1.75 M)(30)


Call for Papers--Daoyi Dong
[Abstract](27) PDF(471.90 K)(27)

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