Jing WANG,R. K. GHOSH,Sajal K. DAS.[en_title][J].Control Theory and Technology,2010,8(1):02~11.[Copy]
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Received:September 07, 2009Revised:September 07, 2009
基金项目:The National Science Foundation (No.CNS-0721951, IIS-0326505), the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) (No.FA9550-08-1-0260), the Texas Advanced Research Program (ARP) (No.14-748779), the Research I Foundation grant of IIT-Kanpur,and Department of Science and Technology, Government of India under Indo-Trento Program for Advanced Research
A survey on sensor localization
Jing WANG,R. K. GHOSH,Sajal K. DAS
(UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT ARLINGTON;Indian Institute of Technology;University of Texas at Arlington)
Localization is one of the fundamental problems in wireless sensor networks (WSNs), since locations of the sensor nodes are critical to both network operations and most application level tasks. Although the GPS based localization schemes can be used to determine node locations within a few meters, the cost of GPS devices and non-availability of GPS signals in confined environments prevent their use in large scale sensor networks. There exists an extensive body of research that aims at obtaining locations as well as spatial relations of nodes in WSNs without requiring specialized hardware and/or employing only a limited number of anchors that are aware of their own locations. In this paper, we present a comprehensive survey on sensor localization in WSNs covering motivations, problem formulations, solution approaches and performance summary. Future research issues will also be discussed.
Key words:  Sensor localization  Wireless sensor networks  Range measurements  Anchors  Mobile sensor  Probabilistic localization