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Topology-preserving flocking of nonlinear agents using optimistic planning
Received:July 22, 2014  Revised:January 20, 2015
Keywords:Multiagent systems  Flocking  Optimistic planning  Topology preservation
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L. Busoniu Department of Automation, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca lucian@busoniu.net 
I. C. Morarescu Universit′e de Lorraine, CRAN, UMR 7039 and CNRS, CRAN, UMR 7039, 2 Avenue de la Fore?t de Haye  
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      We consider the generalized flocking problem in multiagent systems, where the agents must drive a subset of their state variables to common values, while communication is constrained by a proximity relationship in terms of another subset of variables. We build a flocking method for general nonlinear agent dynamics, by using at each agent a near-optimal control technique from artificial intelligence called optimistic planning. By defining the rewards to be optimized in a well-chosen way, the preservation of the interconnection topology is guaranteed, under a controllability assumption. We also give a practical variant of the algorithm that does not require to know the details of this assumption, and show that it works well in experiments on nonlinear agents.
L. Busoniu,I. C. Morarescu.Topology-preserving flocking of nonlinear agents using optimistic planning[J].Control Theory and Technology,2015,13(1):70~81.
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