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Topology-preserving flocking of nonlinear agents using optimistic planning
(Department of Automation, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca)
We consider the generalized flocking problem in multiagent systems, where the agents must drive a subset of their state variables to common values, while communication is constrained by a proximity relationship in terms of another subset of variables. We build a flocking method for general nonlinear agent dynamics, by using at each agent a near-optimal control technique from artificial intelligence called optimistic planning. By defining the rewards to be optimized in a well-chosen way, the preservation of the interconnection topology is guaranteed, under a controllability assumption. We also give a practical variant of the algorithm that does not require to know the details of this assumption, and show that it works well in experiments on nonlinear agents.
关键词:  Multiagent systems  Flocking  Optimistic planning  Topology preservation
Received:July 22, 2014Revised:January 20, 2015