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Received:January 21, 2010Revised:January 21, 2010
基金项目:The work was partly supported by the National 973 Fundamental Research Program of China (No.2005CB724102, 2006CB705404).
Three-dimensional fuzzy logic system for process modeling and control
Han-Xiong LI,Xiaogang DUAN,Zhi LIU
(Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management, City University of Hong Kong;School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Central South University;School of Automation, Guangdong University of Technology)
The traditional fuzzy logic system (FLS) can only model and control the process in two-dimensional nature. Many of real-world systems are of multidimensional features, such as, thermal and fluid processes with spatiotemporal dynamics, biological systems, or decision-making processes that contain stochastic and imprecise uncertainties. These types of systems are difficult for the traditional FLS to model and control because they require a third dimension for spatial or probabilistic information. The type-2 fuzzy set provides the possibility to develop a three-dimensional fuzzy logic system for modeling and controlling these processes in three-dimensional nature.
Key words:  Three-dimensional fuzzy logic system, spatio-temporal system, modeling.